Jiangsu Hormone Research Institution Co., Ltd.Jiangsu Hormone Research Institution Co., Ltd.


Located at Jintan in southern Jiangsu, “the land of fish and rice”, Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones Co., Ltd., is one of China’s top agrochemical researching organization, initially focusing on the research of insect pheromones and plant hormones and now taking pride in its top quality sulfonylurea herbicides, pyrethroid insecticides, plant growth regulators and fine chemical intermediates guaranteed by its highly trained scientists, enthusiastic staff and sophisticatedly equipped laboratories and plants.

Certified with ISO9001, ISO14000 and OHSAS18001, Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones Co., Ltd., has turned out to be amanufacturer active in import and export trading, with strong support from its well-trained and experienced researching team with over 20 chemists with master or doctor degree. We have a library with 180,000 books and magazines in different languages. Since the Ninth State Five-Year Plan, the researching tem has fulfilled 3 state level researching project, 16 provincial and ministrial projects and 30 local projects. The company has applied for 8 patents, 4 ofwhich have been approved.

Our expertise lies in advanced organic synthesis technologies built up over years in the areas of agrochemical active ingredients and fine chemical intermediates. Products have been selling well both in domestic and overseas markets. Our brand “Jinzhu” has been granted “Jiangsu Famous Brand”.

In the recent years, Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones Co., Ltd. has invested a lot on scientific research and modern plant construction and will pay more attention to energy saving and environment friendliness.

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